Monday, April 26, 2010

Floor Registers and Furnaces

Do you know what questions to ask the professionals when they are installing new carpeting or floors?
When you have ceiling vents for your heating system do not assume the floor registers, which are a pain for furniture placement, do not need to be used. Read on.

This is what happened to me. When I moved into my Mobile Home I immediately wanted to replace the atrocious, gold carpeting which ran throughout my entire coach. When the carpeting installers came to install the carpeting - I innocently let them carpet over my floor registers. I later learned this was a definite NO - NO. I did not want to blow up my Mobile Home.

When the registers are covered the gas can not escape. It can build up pressure and make a nice big KABOOM. The ceiling and floor registers work together to circulate heat throughout my home safely and evenly. When I turned on the furnace instead of the heat circulating throughout the rooms - it stayed in one spot right under the ceiling register. Even with the heat on - my Mobile Home was always cold.

About two years later, I found out about the problem with my floor registers, and how dangerous it was to have them covered up. I was able to uncover 3 floor registers easily, but the remaining 4 were a mystery to me. When the 3 floor registers were free of carpeting and able to breathe - I immediately found the heat distribution was indeed circulating throughout my Mobile Home. The remaining 4 registers, I knew which rooms they belonged in, but I did not know where on the floor they were located.

When I finally purchased a brand new furnace, one of the furnace installers had to locate and uncover the remaining 4 registers by moving furniture, and pounding on my floor with a hammer - now I can breathe easier knowing my Mobile Home is safe from a KABOOM.

He did share with me his years of experience in heating and air-conditioning installation. He said, "the registers get covered over all the time."

I am now sharing my experience with you. What do I know about floor registers? When you buy anything it is time to ask questions. But you have to know what questions to ask.

I hope you enjoyed my article. Please feel free to read any of my numerous articles on many numerous subjects.

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